We offer a variety of recently renovated rooms that will be able to suit all of your vacation needs.  From basic motel style rooms to complete apartments with two bedrooms, we offer a variety of styles to help complete your vacation time.  A majority of our two and four person rooms include complete kitchens, separate bedrooms, and balconies off of the separate bedrooms.  Each rented room comes with a parking spot in our lot to take the stress off of finding a parking spot.  Below are pictures of one of the styles of our four person room.

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Please be advised that we do not endorse or support what has been aired on the travel channel.  Super Storm Sandy was a major tragedy that crippled our beloved coast, and we do not take belittling, abuse, and head games lightly!  We did not ask for their help NOR did we need their help!  To turn around and berate a family, town, and community in need is a MAJOR disgrace!  It amazes us how words were interjected and scenes are spliced together to make up a story that fitted their desires!  We removed the ENTIRE crew from our premises within the first few hours of shooting due to damaging property, belittling, and manipulation!  We were scouted by the show because they claimed to have wanted to help a community in need.  It is almost one year later, and our property is still not fully functional thanks to the games and abuse endured!  We did NOT sign up for this abuse or treatment!  To turn around and say that our story is not right, and that we do not need your help is ridiculous!  As a unified family we removed ALL of the GARBAGE from our property for good reason!  The entire town removed them because their type of help was NOT needed!